Various benefits of wearing ‘the King of gemstones’

The Red Ruby, also known as the Manik gemstone is a great representative of the planet of the sun. Not only does the stone have an eye catching aura, but also brings with it strength, energy, power and rebirth. If you have gone through an incident you cannot forget, the ruby helps you recover from all the woes of the past and protects you from the negative energy of the future. Wearing a ruby effects the emotional level of every human being. It amplifies the awareness of divine love and increases the ability to express feelings.


In terms of medical benefits, wearing the Red Ruby Gemstone helps people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, lung infection, depression, rheumatism and gout. Heart related problems, bone problems, headache and tuberculosis can also be resolved with the ever powerful Manik gemstone. One of the major advantages of wearing the Manik is that it drastically improves blood circulation within the body. You can also see a drastic improvement in strength and metabolism while wearing the red Ruby.


To achieve anything in life you need a set goal and a direction. The red Ruby gemstone gives you passion and ambition so you can be head forward and gain success in every way. If you feel you’re scared, cannot move forward or just don’t have the courage the red Ruby gives you ample of courage and strength. Moreover Ruby stone plays dominating role in many career paths like politician, bueaurecats , actors, jewelers, engineers , etc.

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